Transparency believes that privacy is important and everyone has the right to know what type of data we collect, how we use it and how we control it. 


  • Every time you interact with any webserver out there, you share information with that server. We are very transparent about what you share and we try to limit the information to the absolute minimum to be able to offer you a good experience. 
  • We do not store what we consider to be sensitive information from anyone visiting this site unless you explicitly request it or if it is needed to perform a certain request like purchasing a product.
  • Some of our plugins will be using for example your IP to allow us to gain statistical information like the number of views a certain page gets or what country most of our users are from.
  • If someone purchases a product, more detailed information is needed to perform that request. We will not share this information with a 3rd party, nor will we use that information for anything else than to perform the requested action (here a purchase).
  • If you subscribe to updates from this site, you will get notified for new updates from this site. If you no longer want this, feel free to unsubscribe or send an e-mail to our data protection officer (see below).
  • We try to be transparent about the data we store, but if you have any questions or you wish to know what we store or you want us to remove any data, feel free to reach out and we will process your request a.s.a.p.

Privacy information you share with us

Just plain browsing

Everyone that surfs a website leaves a fingerprint, whether one is aware of this or not. We do nothing with this fingerprint, but one of our plugins however aggregates this information so it can provide us statistical information like amount of views each page gets and from where our visitors come (which country, not more detailed than that). 

  • With aggregation we mean that this data gets averaged, so we cannot uniquely identify a single individual, but we do gain some information. For example 2 people are visiting from France, one from Paris at 9AM, and another one from a small lovely town in the Provence at 1PM. We will never gain that information, but we will however see that 2 people from France visited our site the 1st of January 2019 for example.
  • We use the plugin called Jetpack to provide us this service.
  • You can find more information about it here:

We love chocolate cookies, but these are not the cookies we are talking about here.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Many websites out there use this to for example allow you to access your Facebook account without needing to always log-in. We do not explicitly store cookies, but one of our plugins might to provide any of the service we are asking it to perform to us. We are transparent about the plugins we use and the data we receive, but feel free to reach out if anything is unclear.

Subscribing to our site

When you would like to get updated to new releases or to some new blog posts, we ask you for your e-mail or WordPress account. We will only use this information to provide you the service that you subscribed to and we simply cannot provide you that service without asking that information. 

If you no longer want us to send you information, feel free to unsubscribe or send an e-mail to our data protection officer. 

If one does not read the last 10 posts, we will automatically remove you from our distribution list, this to make sure your inbox does not get bigger with e-mails you are no longer interested in. We get it, interests change.

Buying a product

When one purchases a product on our site, we need more detailed information about you just to be able to complete the purchase. This will typically be your address and the way you wish to complete the purchase. 

We will not share your information with any 3rd parties, but we however do you use a plugin to complete this purchase for us, since we simply cannot directly interact with a financial institute. 

  • The plugin we use here is one of the mostly used ones out there called WooCommerce. 
  • You can find more info this plugin here:
We will store your information for at least 2 years after purchase, this so you do not need to recreate an account if you purchase often, but also not to keep your data forever.

Own your data

As we already mentioned, we only store the absolute minimum of data to provide you the service you want us to provide. If you are no longer interested in that service or you want us to provide you with details, feel free to reach out to view, modify or delete any information we might have on you.

We are legally obligated to provide you this transparency and we make sure you have the rights mentioned in this policy. If something is unclear or missing, please let us know. 

If you feel your rights are violated or we do not share enough information, you have the right to contact the privacy commission here:, but we would prefer you to contact us first, since we feel strongly about this and will do our very best to accommodate your request.

We will process your request within 30 business days.


This policy was changed the 21st of January 2019 and might change in the future. Older versions are available as per request.

Additional information or assistance

More information about G.D.P.R.?

  • A nice summary can be found here:

The data controller is:

  • Attn: Data protection Officer
  • Kleine Heide 101, 
  • Ronse 9600, Belgium
Our legal entity is thus located in Belgium. 
Thoughts, questions about our policy? Please let us know in the privacy form: